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CEOs need to make quick decisions based on accurate information. However, traditional financial reporting methods often slow them down with manual tasks, complex systems, and confusing data. Recent research suggested […]

When managing the complexities of a long term care organization, understanding how to get the most out of your senior living technology solutions can be key. That’s where the integration […]

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Long-term care (LTC) organizations require efficient management of both clinical and financial data. Our proprietary ERP integration, IntelliConnect, is an innovative solution designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between PointClickCare […]

Our proprietary IntelliConnect module serves as the linchpin between PointClickCare, and the Best of Breed General Ledger found in Sage Intacct or Microsoft Dynamics.

Senior Living CFOs face persistent challenges in steering their organizations towards financial success. The adoption of multi-dimensional accounting emerges as a crucial strategy to alleviate these pressures, providing a comprehensive […]

In the world of senior living, understanding costs and key performance indicators (KPIs) has become a game-changer. Executive, department heads, and managers need the power to dive into real-time reports […]

In the realm of senior living financial management, handling fixed asset accounting emerges is a critical undertaking for Controllers and CFOs. A fixed asset constitutes tangible properties, buildings, or equipment […]

In the world of non-profits, where accountability and transparency are vital, selecting the accounting solution is crucial. Sage Intacct, a robust and versatile platform, stands out as an ideal choice […]

This post will discuss why a cloud-native approach to ERP maximizes flexibility and helps businesses innovate and scale more quickly.
This post will explore how a configurable cloud solution can break data silos & improve connectivity, enabling an organization to scale for growth.
This post will explore how organizations can deploy AI and machine learning to reduce manual reporting processes to improve accuracy, uncover new insights
This post will explain how deploying visual, data-driven storytelling can make financial data more accessible and transform decision-making.
This post will explore how outdated financial management tools and processes can increase risk, and the steps organizations need to take.
Dynamics GP or SL worked well for you for years. Now get that same proven track record in a cloud based solution
Dynamics SL has announced an end of life for 2028. Migrating to Sage Intacct may be the right solution
Knowing when it is time to move to best of breed accounting is key to the success of your senior living facility
Intellitec Solutions has a long history hosting User Groups. One on one time with our consultants is a big reason clients love attending
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