Microsoft Power BI

power BI

Your Productivity Powerhouse

Intellitec Solutions helps clients make informed decisions with Microsoft’s Power BI, a suite of business analytics tools designed and created to help companies systematically scrutinize data and share insights. Power BI allows you to collect and store on-premise and cloud information in a single, centralized location that you can access whenever and wherever you need it.

Empower Your Insights

Power BI provides a consolidated live view of your financial health and Key Performance Indicators. The collaborative tool provides drag-and-drop data navigation and a very extensive library of interactive visualizations, simple report creation, and fast publishing to the Power BI service

power BI
power BI

Foster Data Collaboration

Working with Intellitec’s team of consultants, your users will be empowered by data, not overwhelmed by it. You will gain simplified answers to complex questions. We configure a system that makes interaction with your data fast and quick, allowing your business to identify trends and get lightning-fast answers. We show you how to share dashboards and reports with the right people, and create them from wherever you are. You will have alerts to notify you about any updates or changes in your data so you can immediately work with your team to take immediate action

Powerful and Easy To Use

Your data shouldn’t live in a silo, and with Power BI, it doesn’t have to. Power BI can work with just about any software ecosystem, and combined with Intellitec’s expertise, you can achieve complete report management and report automation. You never have to second guess if you, or your team, are looking at the right information.

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