A Simple Solution for Today’s Challenges

In today’s environment, things change in an instant. Harnessing the power of the cloud, Solver consolidates data from your ERP and
other key sources to deliver crucial insights and streamline planning and reporting. With real-time access to a unified view of data, you
gain the agility to change course quickly and intelligently. And with QuickStart deployment, you can start using Solver now, not months
from now like other CPMs.

Drive Key Business Outcomes

Solver’s thoughtfully engineered features automate processes and provide immediate insight to business-critical information to
improve efficiency and performance.

  • Planning – Automate budgeting and forecasting while reducing time and errors
  • Reporting – Quickly access robust financial and operational reports and consolidations.
  • Dashboards – Get instant insight into organizational performance for better decision-making.
  • Data Warehouse – Connect, consolidate, and access disparate data sources on a single platform.

Impact Performance Today While Optimizing for Tomorrow

Solver’s QuickStart deployment delivers immediate ROI by connecting you to impactful data and templates on day one, then continuing to build capabilities and value. There’s no other solution like it on the market today.

Transform your visibility, planning, and performance with a cloud Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution you can start using today.

What Intellitec Customers Say About Solver