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As a leading provider of General Ledger and ERP solutions for Long Term/Post-Acute Care facilities, Intellitec Solutions has been proud to assist over 450 locations make the best use of their accounting technology and EHR integration. But first and foremost, we see ourselves as a VAR, or Value Added Reseller. In fact, one accolade we always take great pride in at Intellitec Solutions is when we are recognized as a top VAR. It’s a reminder that what we really are providing to our clients is Value. Sure – we can help trouble shoot a tech issue, or walk a client through a difficulty that has arisen. But we are not a vendor, we are a trusted advisor helping our clients make the best use of their software investment. So we thought we would take a moment to remind you, our Senior Living clients, some ways you can get the most Value from Intellitec.

License Review

Do you have all the features you need in your current software? If not – there may be functionality that you are already entitled to but not using. For instance, some clients struggle with generating reports, not even aware that they are licensed already for some very powerful reporting tools like Power BI. Most of our clients have been using their ERP solution for 5 years or longer. A lot has probably changed since you implemented, do you know what has changed? If not, we can help you look at the things you perhaps already own.


Platform Review

On-Premise vs. Hosted vs. Azure vs. Hybrid….it can get confusing what is the best route to go. Not to mention security and regulatory concerns you need to consider. We are here to help walk you through the path that makes the most sense for you – not just for now, but for years down the road.


Whether it is a complex thing like EHR integration, or  something common like Office 365 configuration, you can’t really make the most of your ERP unless it is integrated into the other solution that make your organization run. And similar to a License review, we find many instances in which client are not aware how simple and easy it can be to have the software they use every day integrate to their ERP.

So contact us and make sure you are getting the Value you should be getting. We are here to help – lets talk.

Not sure what’s right for you? Let us help find which solution will help you reach your goals.

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