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Operating a multi entity organization requires a flexible financial management system. Some ERP solutions achieve this through expensive add-on software tools and manual processes. Sage Intacct provides a multi entity foundation that can handle complex multi-entity operations in real-time – even if those entities are all in different states. This allows companies to reduce costs, gain visibility, and predict future growth.

For example, lets say a company has 4 separate entities operating in Texas, Florida, California and Maine. At time, they will need to get information on each entity to be able to make key decisions. If they use Sage Intacct, they will easily be able to look across all the companies and across all the entities in their business to analyze information. From a summary view, a CFO can drill down into all the accounts that make up that summary, and then further drill down on those accounts and see the transactions creating account value, as well as the General Ledger journal entries. With just a few clicks they can get at the source information behind these summaries.

Sage Intacct also provides the ability to roll over charts and drill down on reports. For instance, the CFO may see a bar graph. As they as they roll over the Texas entity in that graph, they can see the amount behind the bar. They could then do the same to see the amounts behind the other entries in Maine, California, and Florida.

In addition to drill down and expansion, Sage Intacct makes use of Dimensions. In the 4 state example, you would create each state as a dimension, then break down net income by location that way. You may also want to use custom defined dimensions, to look at things such as revenue by item. Sage Intacct has the flexibility to break down revenue by any available dimension you choose, such as revenue per employee, or revenue per billable hour for a services company. With this real-time, multi entity dimensional analysis, you can improve business visibility and decision-making.



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