Sage Intacct Best Practices – Create Dashboards to Gain Visibility

One of the many benefits of Sage Intacct is the ability to have immediate visibility of your financial health through built in dashboards that allow a view of key performance metrics. By “immediate visibility”, what we mean is you can get current, up to date information about your entire organization in an easy to view format. Say, for instance, you are a multi-entity company working and you have four entities. In the dashboard in Sage Intacct, you can click a button that will drop into any of those companies. Starting with a consolidated view of financials across all the companies, the dashboards allow you to drill into a real time view of important things such as assets, revenue, net income, and expenses.

You can also create performance cards that show a summation of an account group. For example, in the case of assets, you can take all the asset accounts and create a summary of these accounts for the current month. Underneath the summary, you can see a comparison of prior months giving, which shows you a performance trend at a glance. This allows for a real time view to see if assets have gone up or down, and allow for action to be taken.

You also have the ability to look at charts and graphs right in your dashboard. Reports can be generated that show amounts that you can drill down into right from the dashboard. For instance, you if navigate to a particular entity, the system pulls up the same dashboard with the same metrics, only now but only with the metrics for the entity you were looking at. This means you can change from one company to another without having to recreate the parameters of the report you need.