Reasons Clients Attend User Groups – #5 Grow Confidently

Grow Confidently

As we get ready for our 16th annual client User Group – we have been taking a look at the top reasons why attendees keep coming year after year. For our last installment in this series, we are going to look at the best reason of all – Reason #5: Move forward with confidence

Attendees to User Groups have, on average, been using their ERP solution twice as long as non-attendees. That is because User Groups show you how to get the information you need, and allow you to utilize the software you own. As we mentioned in the first installment in this series, it was a big effort just to get to Day 1 of using your ERP software. The best way to ensure you have the best path forward is to stay current with updates and new functionality. And a great way to do that is by attending our User Group

Join us May 21st and gain knowledge to move forward even better with your Microsoft Dynamics or Sage Intacct solution. We can’t wait to see you.