QuickStart for Senior Living: Better Financials with Fixed Fee Pricing

Intellitec Solutions is extremely excited to share a new program that is uniquely designed to address many challenges being faced by senior living facilities. Our QuickStart for Senior Living program has been developed to fast track your journey to cloud-based accounting and to do so with fixed fee pricing.

By way of background, this past year has been extraordinarily challenging to organizations across a wide range of industries. Clearly, COVID has been devastating. It has impacted the operations of senior living organizations dramatically and has introduced expensive new safety protocols. Plus, revenues have been impacted as new resident on-boarding has slowed. Despite COVID, operators have continued to provide excellent care to residents and that achievement is admirable.

COVID is not the first crisis that the industry has faced, and the inherent resiliency of strong operators will help navigate while major storm passes. While no one can precisely predict the future, there are positive markers such as vaccine coverage which give us hope that better days may be coming soon.

Despite the significant headwinds and challenges, many forward-thinking organizations have taken the time to assess operations throughout their businesses and are seeking ways in which to become more efficient and to optimize profitability. Toward the goal of efficiency and profitability, Intellitec Solutions has designed the QuickStart program and there are three fundamental reasons why I believe that today is an especially good time to consider moving to cloud-based accounting.

  1. Efficiency. Perhaps one of the outcomes of COVID is that organizations are reassessing the ways that they do things. Ineffective processes can bubble to the surface and inefficiencies glossed over in the past are no longer considered acceptable. Cloud-based Sage Intacct helps to create efficiencies – and time and money savings – throughout the accounting process.
  2. The burdens of legacy systems – it could be that you have been using an accounting technology platform for years or perhaps decades, and you have come to accept its shortcomings or workarounds. Do not let familiarity or inertia keep you from assessing technologies you need today as well as in the years ahead. And changing to new technology need not be painful.
  3. Reporting and access to information. Increasingly, senior management, boards or lenders are requiring more insightful and timely information. The days of management-by-spreadsheet need to end as they waste time and are error prone. Contemporary cloud-based technologies such as Sage Intacct offer effective reporting packages featuring dashboards and KPI’s.

While Sage Intact cloud-based accounting is a proven solution for senior living facilities, we recognize that the process of change and the costs associated with change can present roadblocks. Intellitec wants to help fast track your journey to the cloud and with QuickStart, it features both fixed fee pricing and financing options that make the implementation quite affordable.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our QuickStart preconfigured solutions that can get you up and running on Sage Intacct in as little as 30 days. We are highly confident in our ability to get you operational quickly as our team of CPAs and consultants have worked with over 600 senior living facilities. We have the know-how to help you manage the accounting and financial reporting you need. And we can help you to generate meaningful financial, statistical and census data with great drilldown capability. Additionally, we work with the major clinical management packages, so you can trust our integration and work product.

We are excited to share more details about our QuickStart program, and about how Intellitec Solutions can help fast track your journey to the cloud with a fix fee pricing model.


Not sure what’s right for you? Let us help find which solution will help you reach your goals.

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