4 Critical Things Intellitec & Sage Intacct Deliver for Long Term Care – #3 Workflow


In this blog series, we covered how Sage Intacct can help streamline the reporting senior living facilities need to generate. We also discussed how Dimensions can help slice and dice your data to generate those reports. The next area we would like to discuss is how Sage Intacct can help our clients control the money that’s going out the door. One of part of the software that is really strong and impactful is in the area of workflow. Workflow is built in to Sage Intacct and it’s built in in a way that’s very easy to set up. There’s no coding to be done, a user just runs through a series of commands on setup. As part of our standard implementation, we show you a little bit how to go about doing that, and how easy it is. Workflow is featured in different areas of the software, such as requisition purchasing and check payment. There’s also complete audit control so that you can always look back and see who approved certain expenses and if that’s still not enough, one of the newer modules is something called  spend control and that gives you even more flexibility on controlling who can spend what. Watch the video below to see some of these great features.