4 Critical Things Intellitec & Sage Intacct Deliver for Long Term Care – #2 Dimensions


In our last blog post in this series, we talked about reporting. Again, reporting is probably the number one reason why facilities are looking for a new ERP system, they want a modern accounting system with modern reporting tools. One of the things we help our clients utilize is a feature called Dimensions.  Dimensions is one of the big strengths of Sage Intacct. It is essentially a way of slicing and dicing your data for areas such as facilities, departments, and vendors. It could be in long-term care, it could be the type of care in a non-profit, it could be whether it’s restricted or unrestricted funds. It could be a way to identify projects or grants. These dimensions are strong and powerful, and again it’s an easy way to be able to slice and dice your data.

Using Dimensions, the reports are easy to create without having IT people create these reports. It is designed for the end users and with some training, they are capable of creating new reports. There’s a lot of filtering rather than creating separate reports. You may have one report format that works really well that you can filter by department or by type of care or whatever so, again, you’ll see a lot of filtering with our solutions. Very extremely flexible report writer, which provides a  way that you can lay these reports out.

Another nice feature is the scheduling. If you want to be able to schedule a report, maybe every Monday the CFO wants certain reports on their desk, you can schedule those to be automatically created and then they can have those automatically pop up in a dashboard. This is a convenient way to create the reports that are very unique and important for long-term care, such as statements of cash flows, statement of activities, PPD reports, those are all reports that are very easy to create in Sage Intacct that other packages will not.

The video below will show you how Dimensions can work