Why Migrate Your Dynamics ERP to the Cloud?

Nearly all businesses today utilize cloud based applications for some, if not most of their line of business software. If you are using Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL and have it on your own in-house servers, you probably have considered a migration from on premise to cloud. This post takes a look at why a migration from on premise to cloud with Microsoft Azure and Intellitec Solutions may make sense.

Why should you move to the Cloud?

As noted above – like most businesses, you probably are using many cloud based applications already, and probably are under increasing pressure to expand your cloud usage. A recent survey by Microsoft found that 80% of CIO’s reported they are under pressure to complete a migration from on premise to cloud. It’s easy to see why – doing so can free up IT resources for value added benefits, as opposed to significant time on server patching, networking setup, firewall configuration, and other server-related tasks.

The Value of Azure vs. Hosting

If all you are looking to do is move Dynamics off your servers, Hosting can accomplish that for you. And indeed, we support many clients who utilize that route. But Azure can offer the flexibility of the cloud while giving you the control you are used to with an on-premise installation. With Azure, you only configure what you need, and your Dynamics will be on a licensing platform that you own.

Understanding what Azure can do for you

With Azure, you can save time, remain compliant, and move forward with confidence. If you host Dynamics internally, you are reliant on a single server. With Azure, your Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL data is distributed across multiple servers throughout Microsoft’s massive eco-system. This provides a layer of redundancy that keeps your deployment running in any type of situation. A new Azure environment can be spun up in minutes, and you don’t need to worry abut maintaining a server just for Dynamics. And by keeping your financial data off your servers and in a secure environment, proving internal compliance to an auditor can be a much simpler task. In todays ever-changing security landscape, new requirements are pushed down to businesses often. A migration from on premise to cloud with Microsoft Azure can ease that worry by providing a clear separation between your financial data and other data that your business stores.

Why Intellitec for Azure?

Intellitec Solutions is a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider with Microsoft. That means we can provide you with any level of licensing you need in Azure. And by working with a Trusted Resource who knows your ERP best, you can gain the confidence that you will be configured correctly from the start, and have a solution that will allow you to accomplish the critical task you need done.

Not sure what’s right for you? Let us help find which solution will help you reach your goals.

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