• Financial Insight for Senior Living CFOs: Unleash the Power of Daily Integration from PointClickCare

    In the continuously evolving sphere of senior living financial management, the quest for a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution continues to be a priority for CFOs and Controllers. For those currently seeking a more advanced ERP system that maintains a tight connection to census and billing information in PointClickCare
  • The Power of Multidimensional Accounting in Senior Living

    Senior Living CFOs face persistent challenges in steering their organizations towards financial success. The adoption of multi-dimensional accounting emerges as a crucial strategy to alleviate these pressures, providing a comprehensive and accurate view of financial performance. By categorizing data and transactions into dimensions, this accounting approach facilitates consolidated financials across
  • Better Financial Visibility in Senior Living through KPI’s

    In the world of senior living, understanding costs and key performance indicators (KPIs) has become a game-changer. Executive, department heads, and managers need the power to dive into real-time reports on the financial health of their facilities while also taking charge of their own budgets. Customizable dashboards provide a secure
  • Streamlining Fixed Asset Management for Senior Living

    In the realm of senior living financial management, handling fixed asset accounting emerges is a critical undertaking for Controllers and CFOs. A fixed asset constitutes tangible properties, buildings, or equipment owned by the organization. Fixed asset accounting involves precise recordkeeping, comprehensive financial documentation, and the intricate management of the life
  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing Microsoft Business Central

    As a cloud based solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a great way to have your ERP solution secure, up to date, and easily accessible. The advantage, however, that a cloud model provides does not change the need to take the right steps when implementing. The cloud, after all,
  • Sage Intacct for Non-Profits: Elevating Transparency, Efficiency, and Accountability

    In the world of non-profits, where accountability and transparency are vital, selecting the accounting solution is crucial. Sage Intacct, a robust and versatile platform, stands out as an ideal choice for non-profits, offering a trifecta of strengths in board reporting, fixed asset management, and grant tracking. Related Content   Board
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