Sales Reps are more productive with Dynamics 365

We recently published two blog posting around how companies take advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to streamline their work processes and boost their sales productivity. We showed you how company owners rely on it as an all-in-one business management solution that helps manage financials, sales, and operations easier.

Now let’s take a look at how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your sales reps be more productive. We all know how critical it is to keep your sales team connected both in the office, as well as on the go. Dynamics 365 and Office 365, simplify and automate daily tasks to help keep your sales team focused on managing sales. For example, let’s say you use Office 365 for your email, and your sales rep receives a message from a customer requesting a quote. If you use Dynamics 365, your database will automatically recognize the sender and enable your sales rep to easily pull up the customer card, right from within Outlook. From this customer card dashboard, they can review the account, including the customer’s existing quotes, any ongoing orders and any sales history as well. As your sales rep is creating a quote, the customer and product information auto-populate, again right from the email, helping them get the job done faster.

Another common scenario your sales reps will have is when they get an email into their inbox from a potential customer that they met at a recent event, perhaps a trade show you went to. In this case, Dynamics 365 is going to automatically recognize that the email address is not in the database and prompt your sales rep to ask if they want to add them to Dynamics 365. In other words, without even leaving Outlook, your sales rep can automatically create a profile in the Dynamics 365 app.

This is the kind of automation that is going to greatly reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, switching programs, and allow your sales team to improve their sales productivity by quickly responingd to inquiries and ultimately improving their customer interactions. To see it in action, click below.


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