Reinvent Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365

Businesses today are looking for a competitive edge where ever they can. Increasingly, we find leaders of organization telling us that their current accounting ERP package is holding back growth. They tell us they need to automate some functions that currently have to be done in Excel. They would like to generate better dashboards, and have a system that integrates with other line of business accounting ERP software they are utilizing. They realize they need to break down silos, work from connected systems and make every customer engagement count.

Disconnected systems and data can hold a growing business back. That is why it makes sense to connect and grow your business with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Office 365. You likely use Office 365 already, make better use of your investment with better analytics and insight into daily business decisions, giving you an end-to-end view of your business performance and a better handle on your finances and operations.

In this thought-provoking, easy-to-read eBook, discover how Business Central integrates with Office 365 to provide an all-in-one accounting ERP solution to drive success. Using three, day-in-the-life scenarios, visualize how Business Central brings insight and efficiency to daily routines. Specifically, this eBook illustrates the life of a business owner, a sales rep and an accountant, and shows how Dynamics 365 transformed their jobs. You will learn how Business Central and Office 365 allow you to:

  • Deliver modern, mobile applications that work seamlessly together and alongside your existing systems.
  • Connect data scattered across your organization, giving you a reliable, real-time view of your cash flow, inventory, and customers.
  • Take productivity to new heights with automated workflows for tasks like checking inventory, creating sales quotes, and opening purchase orders right from Outlook.
  • Provide a scalable and secure platform to extend capabilities and create customized experiences.

If your current systems can’t keep up, it’s time to take your business to new heights with Dynamics 365.

View: Reinvent Business Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Office 365

Not sure what’s right for you? Let us help find which solution will help you reach your goals.

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