Migrate from Dynamics SL to Business Central

Users of Microsoft Dynamics SL have a strong loyalty to the software and it really is no surprise. In addition to have a long track record as a solid and stable platform, Dynamics SL has added strong functionality over the past 20 years while becoming easier to use. We at Intellitec would show new releases at our User Group events and hear comments like  “very reliable solution”, “best enhancements I have ever seen”, and “this is way cool” When is the last time you ever heard an ERP Software called “way cool”?

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Now that Microsoft has announced a July 2028 for Dynamics SL end of life, the time has come for those same enthusiastic user to look for the next solution they can feel as strongly about. Many are discovering that Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is the right choice for them.

A Truly Connected System

Your day involves working in multiple systems aside from ERP. You use email, spreadsheets, word documents, collaborate in Teams, perhaps you need to check inventory or a CRM solution in addition to the accounting work you do. All these systems can be brought together seamlessly with Business Central. No more switching back and forth – all those systems can work with your ERP.

Simplified reporting 

Business Central make an accountant’s day easier by simplifying reporting, streamlining month-end close, and reducing data entry errors. You can view and edit multiple invoices at once in Microsoft Excel, and with just one click, publish the data back to the Business Central where it’s automatically refreshed. Need a deeper analysis of the month’s revenue? Microsoft Power BI provides multiple ways to analyze Business Central data through rich visuals and custom dashboards, providing insight you won’t get from standard reports. With Business Central, you get an end-to-end view of your business and built-in intelligence that helps you make more informed decisions.

Improved Data Security

Your data is encrypted, making it much safer than a server or hosted environment. With Business Central, your data is distributed across multiple servers throughout Microsoft’s massive eco-system. This provides a layer of redundancy that keeps your deployment running in any type of situation, plus you no longer need to worry about maintaining a server just for Dynamics. Keeping your financial data off your servers and in a secure environment, makes showing internal compliance to an auditor a much simpler task. In today’s ever-changing security landscape, new requirements are pushed down to businesses often. Business Central allows you to move forward without worrying about security. If you have questions about Dynamics SL end of life, reach out to us for answers!

Not sure what’s right for you? Let us help find which solution will help you reach your goals.

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