How to Receive Dynamics 365 Sales Update Notifications

One of the key benefits to cloud based software is the automatic updates. Across the Microsoft family of software, the automatic updates reduce risk, improve system supportability, and make the new feature tempo smoother and more predictable. To stay in sync with other Microsoft products, Dynamics 365 Sales pushes new updates frequently, including patches to resolve issues and may include minor functional, reliability, and performance improvements.

One issue we find is that many of our customers are not aware of how Microsoft sends these sales insights notifications. The first thing you should do is determine who the Global Administrators are in your account. By default, all Global administrators have the ability to check the message center for recent messages from Microsoft. You also have the ability to get email notification for up to two email addresses.

To view the message center, you may click the following link and sign into your tenant (as a Global Administrator) and check for messages. Microsoft 365 admin center. From here, you can view and manage messages. You can click on the ellipses in the upper right and choose to share, copy link, or mark as read.

For Global admins that would prefer to get email notifications, you can specify up to 2 email addresses to get email notifications of updates, new feature, etc. To access the email notification, click on preferences on the top of the Message Center and from there click on the email tab on the preferences screen and chose which product notifications should be emailed to the email addresses specified.

By taking these steps, you should be up to date with the latest releases, and aware of new functionality and fixes related to your sales insights. While it can be a lot of information at first, staying in a rhythm of following the updates should make it an easier and streamlined process.

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