Dynamics SL Year End Updates to be released December 21st

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2020 year-end updates anticipated release date is the week of December 21st for clients running SL versions 2018 and newer. The most important item to note is that 1099 MISC is no longer the instrument for reporting Non-Employee Compensation (NEC). The government has a new form required for 1099-NEC.

Available Dynamics SL Year-End Updates:

  • Payables New 1099-NEC form and electronic filing
  • 1099-MISC Updates and electronic filing
  • Support for Standard and High Withholding for state deductions
  • Allowing different marital status for state and federal exemption and credits
  • 2021 Tax Table Updates will also be released in December

Microsoft will provide the 2020 Year-End Update for SL 2018 and newer.  Mainstream support for all previous versions of SL has expired.

If you are on version SL 2015 or below, we urge you to contact us to discuss your options. Their are Year-End Update Packages available for SL 2011 FP1 and SP3, as well as ALL versions of SL 2015. The current subscription list price is $2500 for under 100 employees/vendors or $3000 for over 100 employee/vendors.

This offering will mimic whatever changes Microsoft will be providing to current mainstream supported versions. Software cost does not include installation/update services. The package is estimated to take less than an hour to install/update. Please contact us for more details.