Dynamics SL 2021 Year End Updates

Last year, with Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 reaching the end of mainstream support, many Dynamics SL clients were looking for alternatives for the critical updated they need. A number of our clients turned to Plumbline Consulting for the updates needed to operate in 2021. As the calendar turns to 2022, one of the great unknowns in business is what the government will do next. There may be many new updates, or not as many. But we know you want to be assured of being completely up to date before 2022 begins.

For this reason, we encourage our Dynamics SL client to take a look at Plumbline if you have not done so already. Along with this year’s updates for Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 or 2011 they also will provide a license for ten (10) of their most popular accounts payable and payroll tools fully installed and ready to use:

  • 1099 Vendor Accelerator
  • Voucher to Credit Card
  • Credit Card Import
  • Vendor Multi Remit
  • AP Void Check Plus
  • Quick find
  • Period to Post Lock
  • Prepaids processor
  • GL Mover
  • One Time Vendor

This is an excellent opportunity to expand the functionality of your system at no extra charge when you update your data tables in preparation for the next year. If you aren’t already subscribed, please contact us to learn how.

If you have questions on a different version of Dynamics SL, or are not sure what version you use, please contact us so that we can help you evaluate your options.