Dynamics SL 2020 Year End – What You Need to Know

It’s that time of the year again, preparing for Year-End updates for your Microsoft Dynamics SL system. In most years, the key processes updated are typically Payroll W2’s and AP 1099’s. This year, there is a big change for the 1099’s that will require more than just modifying the 1099 report. Some of these changes are:

  1. Add the ability to have 2 sets of tab tables (standard and High Withholdings) for state deductions
  2. Allow different marital status for state and federal deductions and exemptions and credits.
  3. New 1099- NEC Form
  4. Updated 1099-MISC Form  

For users of Dynamics SL 2018, Microsoft will be providing Year-end updates free of charge. You will need assistance with the installation of the update – this is not an undertaking you can do alone. Please contact us now to get that scheduled, we estimate 1-2 hours for this work.


For those who are not on Dynamics SL 2018, Microsoft will not be providing Year-end updates. There are updates that can be acquired through 3rd parties for versions SL 2011 and SL 2015. Year-end updates will not be available for SL older than version 2011 SP2. It is critical you get in touch with us now to discuss the options you have.

To check what version for Dynamics SL you are using, go to Help/About Microsoft Dynamics SL (Click Here to View How).

If you require the updates for W2’s or 1099’s, and are on an older version of SL, you two options.

  1. Upgrade to Dynamics SL 2018, and receive the updates.
  2. Purchase updates for SL 2011 or SL 2015. The price is either $2500 or $3000 depending on the number of employees/vendors. We can work with you to determine the cost.

We urge anyone who is not on Dynamics SL 2018 to reach out to us to schedule time to discuss your options.