Dynamics 365 provides the tools to manage companywide operations

If you own a business, you know your company from the ground up. You know your customers, your vendors, and you’re involved in the day-to-day customer management operations. But the bigger your enterprise gets, the more complex your business processes have become. Every email you receive is going to add up to something on your to-do list, which often involves switching software applications. You may need to use your accounting software to prepare a sales invoice, your CRM system to update your contacts or sales pipeline. You’re perhaps using yet another system to take a look at items in your inventory or track production, or pull items out for sales order. Switching back and forth between fragmented standalone solutions takes up a lot of your time, and often requires duplicate data entry.

Let’s take a look at how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help. As a business owner imagine you receive an email from a high priority customer who urgently needs an order delivered in a short timeframe. With Dynamics 365 Business Central you can find the information you need and act on it without searching disparate systems or coordinating with other departments. Without even leaving your inbox, you can check inventory and discover that you don’t have enough stock on hand for to fill the order. In the same interface you could create and send both the purchase order to your vendor, as well as send a quote to your customer and then move on to your next task.

Another common scenario you probably come across is the need for remote access. Suppose you are out of the office and you get an email alert that a sales quote has exceeded your established maximum discount. With Dynamics 365, you can review the quote right from your mobile inbox. On the customer management side, you can check for the customer’s order history, account status, and their credit limit. You can make an informed decision, right from your phone and approve the discount, which automatically updates the quote and notifies the sales rep that it’s ready to go out to the customer improving your customer management workflows.

These are just a few of the ways that Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Office 365 can make you more efficient. To learn more, ask for a demo of the combined solution.

Not sure what’s right for you? Let us help find which solution will help you reach your goals.

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