Contact us before transferring Dynamics SL or Dynamics GP to a new PC

As more and more of our clients are working remotely, we are seeing an increase in support calls. These support requests either come from the client or their IT services provider and usually after they have setup a new work station or configured a new server. The Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL system is not functioning and their accounting function has come to a standstill. They need assistance as soon as possible. It does not need to be this way as these times are already stressful enough.

Migration tools and copying of program files do not work for Dynamics when setting up new equipment. There are many considerations and steps when installing and configuring Dynamics. Software configuration, drive mappings and other client specific settings are required. In addition, SQL installation, database upgrades, reporting services and other factors need to be considered.

The current version of your Dynamics system is also very important. If you have an older version of Dynamics it might not run in the new operating system environment or with the newer version of SQL. Since a re-installation and configuration may be required you may need to consider upgrading to the latest version of Dynamics.

Working remote looks to part of our new normal and if done properly can keep your team productive and efficient. We strongly recommend our clients proactively contact us to discuss options as part of their IT strategy and hardware upgrade decisions. Ultimately, how a client manages their migrations and upgrades is their decisions. By contacting Intellitec ahead of time and working with us through the planning process, we can provide the proper guidance and help eliminate down time and those panic support calls.

If you are planning to set up a new workstation or server, please contact us or call 302-656-7050