Clinical Integrations

Step into the Future with Intellitec's Customized ERP Solutions for PointClickCare Clients

Welcome to a new era of operational efficiency, where Intellitec Solutions redefines what’s possible for PointClickCare clients. Our cloud accounting solutions aren’t just services; they’re a revolution in how you manage your organization’s operations. Imagine a world where your clinical and operational data doesn’t just exist; it empowers every decision you make.

Seamless Integration, Effortless Management

Welcome to the era of Intacct, where user-friendly meets robust financial reporting. Intercompany functionalities aren’t just improved; they’re simplified to the point of being effortless. With our expert guidance, you’ll transition to automated departmental expense management so seamlessly, you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t switch sooner.

Tailored Financial Systems for Unmatched Precision

Forget the days of generic, one-size-fits-all solutions. Your financial system should fit your organization like a bespoke suit, crafted to perfection. Intellitec Solutions brings you an experience that understands and addresses the complexities of intercompany expenses, streamlines manual processes, and transforms financial report writing from a tedious task into an effortless and enjoyable process.

Transform Challenges into Opportunities

Picture this: hours of financial report preparation reduced to mere minutes, the end of Excel drudgery, and the elimination of cross-entity bill payment complications. Our enhanced ERP solutions don’t just meet challenges; they turn them into relics of the past.

Integration Highlights That Will Change Your World

Monthly Revenue Import

Automate your revenue data transfer and ensure perfect harmony between data structures.

Daily Cash Receipts

Group deposits with precision and update your cash position in real-time, all within Dynamics GP.

Census Information

Harness the power of data to generate actionable insights with just a few clicks.

Financial Statement Drill Down

Navigate the depths of your revenue transactions with a simple, yet powerful, one-click feature.

ProcureLink: A Game-Changer in Procurement

Developed by Intellitec Solutions, ProcureLink is more than just a system; it’s a revolution in efficiency and control. From importing invoices to exporting payment details, ProcureLink opens up a new realm of operational efficiency and insight.

Join the Integration Revolution

Embrace a world where operational efficiency and insight are not just aspirations; they’re your new reality. With Intellitec Solutions, you’re not just integrating systems; you’re unlocking a universe of possibilities. Join us in this journey and transform the way you manage your organization’s operations.

Key Integrations in Action:

Standard Vision Monthly Revenue Import Bid farewell to manual input. This integration seamlessly transfers monthly revenue data from Vision into Dynamics GP. It ensures consistent posting and classification, aligning data structures, departments, and locations between Vision and GP.
Daily Cash Receipts Efficiency reigns as this integration groups Vision deposits and imports them into Dynamics GP. Real-time cash position updates within GP eliminate manual Excel tracking, duplicate entry, and enhance cash management functions.
Census Information Import census data from Excel into Dynamics GP. With Intellitec's guidance, leverage this data to generate insightful metrics and reports for location and department managers. Make informed decisions based on metrics such as revenue per bed and cost per meal.
Financial Statement Drill Down Financial Statement Drill Down Navigate underlying Vision revenue transactions with ease. Within GP inquiry screens, a single click on the "Vision Details" button triggers a report unveiling the specifics of transactions constituting the GP total. This efficient feature saves time and enhances financial review processes.
ProcureLink Integration ProcureLink Integration Developed by Intellitec Solutions, ProcureLink is a procure-to-pay automation system facilitating bi-directional sharing of accounts payable transactional data. It benefits both your accountants and DSSI users, offering capabilities such as:
  • Importing DSSI invoices and credit memos, known as the "AP Feed"
  • Exporting Dynamics GP payment details to DSSI as "Payment Remittance"
  • Transferring non-DSSI vendors from Dynamics GP to DSSI for Budget Control operations
  • Migrating non-DSSI transactional activity from Dynamics GP to DSSI to create Budget Control information
Experience the Efficiency of Integration Elevate your operational efficiency and insight through our intelligently crafted integrations. Partner with Intellitec Solutions to seamlessly unite Microsoft Dynamics GP and Netsmart Vision®, unlocking a realm of possibilities for your organization.

Ready to transform your operations and unleash the full potential of your ERP solution? Contact Intellitec Solutions today and take the first step into a larger world.

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