4 Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid


Content Marketing Tips – the idea of creating relevant content your customers and prospects will want to consume – is increasingly becoming popular. As marketers look to find ways to capture and engage web visitors, creative content is fast becoming a  top priority. Here are four mistakes to avoid as you either embark on or continue your content marketing efforts.

1. Content Marketing Tip #1: Not doing it consistently. Whether its blogs, videos, emails newsletter, or any other type of communication, it is imperative that it be done regularly. Customers expect consistency, and chances are if they read your content once, they will continue to do so. Plus nothing looks worse than an initiative that gains lots of steam the first 2 months, then gets abandoned.

2. Content Marketing Tip #2: Posting it one spot. Newsletter articles often make great blog posts and vice versa. Videos on your site can be placed on Twitter. An article you posted on LinkedIn probably could posted in 3 or 4 other locations. You spent the time to create the content, make the most of it by repurposing

3. Content Marketing Tip #3: Not understanding your audience. You need to make sure you are sending the right message to your clients and prospects. Are they technical in nature, and want lots of details? Are they more visually oriented and prefer video? Make sure you serve up content in a meaningful way.

4. Content Marketing Tip #4: Relying on one voice. Perhaps others in your organization do not have the time to write blog posts or create other collateral, but that does not mean they can’t be involved in the process. Often times something as simple as an email exchange can become the basis of a post. Try to work the expertise of others into your content creation, so that a variety of perspectives and points of view are incorporated.

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