Government Contracting


Unique answers to unique challenges and requirements
Doing business with the government creates a myriad of rules, regulations, governance, and compliance. Government contracting means facing DCAA audits and other scrutiny that those who deal with the commercial sector do not have to worry about. That is why government contractors need a solution that will provide full detail of the direct, indirect, and overhead expenses associated with each line item they invoice to a government agency.
Intellitec Solutions can help government contractors comply with those FAR, CAS, and DCAA requirements. Our solutions makes it easy to track overhead rates, indirect cost pools, and general and administrative expenses. We help you keep close tabs on project costs to keep them in line with budget, and can set alerts to avoid cost over runs before they happen.

Easier compliance

Our solutions use familiar reporting tools. This allows people to obtain standard reports for government contracting compliance and tailor reports with ease to their specific needs. This includes: Job summary, support reports, cost summary project revenue and indirect cost analysis reports.

All your needs in one system

Often government contractors feel they must have one system for their commercial business and a second one for their government business. But with Microsoft Dynamics ERP, a single ERP (enterprise resource planning) system can be implemented to serve both a commercial and a public sector practice.

Government contractors must comply with the regulations. However, forward thinking executives want more than simply a system that complies. They want the system to: